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Thursday, August 11

Type-Casted: Hottie with a Heart

Another Friday, another date. He's letting me pick the flic, and I'll woo him with my unexpected 'good taste' by opting for a premiere showing of Four Brothers. It's a shoot'em up action piece, but has it's appeal for any ravenous vixen: Mark Wahlberg.

Aside from his drop-dead good looks and chiselled form (and being the perfect age for me), Mark always offers something else: a charming and unexpected sensitive side, and this time around, the plot seems to be built around it. As the tagline reads: "They came home to bury mom... and her killer."

It's all that surprising that Hollywood seems to have built a story around Mark's type-caste, however. His filmography has been a decade in the making, and he hasn't been so much pigeon-holed as he has honed.

In the greatly conceived but poorly done I Heart Huckabees, Mark portrayed a borderline schizoid who despite his anger management problems, was endearingly committed to working things out. Caught in the grips of an existential crisis, his character was looking for that ever elusive and delicate balance in life so that he could finally foster happiness (rather than anxiety) in those around him.

Earlier in Three Kings, Mark was borderline mercenary who, though scrambling after a prize, couldn't help but to show empathy and care for the war ravaged bystanders along the way. And before that there was The Big Hit, where Mark played a ruthless hitman who was just too polite to stand up for himself in everyday situations.

So, tomorrow night, while my date scours his mind for some way to subtly come into physical contact with me, I'll be winding up my libido over the eye-candy on the big screen. Then, if he's sufficiently impressed and demonstrated himself worthy, my libidinous fires will have already been stoked into burning straight through the night and, if he looks half as good as Mark with his shirt off, into the morning.


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